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The overall purpose of the Freedom of Information (FOI) Unit is to promote open government. The FOI Unit is expected to lead and coordinate the implementation of the FOI Law and Regulations across the whole of the public sector by analysing, formulating and disseminating policies, procedures, benchmarks and guidelines applicable to the Cayman Islands Public Sector.

The FOI Unit is required to monitor and identify any shortcomings in implementation, make recommendations and report on the implementation of the Law. The Unit is required to promote best practices within public authorities, conduct the extensive training of Information Managers in the public sector and assist in raising the general awareness of the public.

The FOI Unit works very closely with other key Government entities such as the Portfolio of the Civil Service, the National Archive, Government Information Services and the Legal Department, who have critical roles to play in the successful implementation of the new FOI regime.

The FOI Unit:

  • Provides policy advice on areas of common concern for public authorities regarding Freedom of Information.
  • Provides general advice on interpretation of sections of the FOI Law and Regulations and procedural and administrative requirements.
  • Monitors and coordinates execution of the FOI Implementation Plan.
  • Makes presentations and arranges briefings for public authorities.
  • Conducts comprehensive training of Information Managers from each public authority at basic and advanced levels.
  • Prepares guidelines and outlines procedures for processing FOI requests, standard forms, and requirements for giving of reasons, etc.
  • Coordinates the creation of a Data Protection Policy for the Cayman Islands.
  • Develops guidelines for Whistle-blower Protection.
  • Acts as Secretariat for the Freedom of Information Steering Committee.
  • Manages an Information Managers Network which is utilised to share experiences and best practices in implementation of the FOI Law.

Last Updated: 2008-11-20