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The FOI Unit has designed and developed training programmes for public officials in different categories including:

  • A three day comprehensive training course for Information Managers;
  • A one day practical class to use the JADE tracking system;
  • A half-day session for civil servants who require a basic overview of the concepts of FOI; and
  • A full-day training course for Chief Officers and managers of public authorities on internal review.

These courses are delivered in association with the Civil Service College of the Cayman Islands and the Computer Services Department.

For more information on our courses and sensitisation sessions please see the documents below and the links at the right of the page to each individual course.

Course Descriptions 2010

For more information about our courses

Basic Course Outline
Information Managers Training

FOI Sensitisation Materials

The FOI Unit carried out sensitisation sessions for all government employees before the FOI Law came into force 5th January 2009.

FOI Sensitisation Material
FOI Sensitisation Material for use in implementing FOI.

FOI Sensitisation for Boards & Committees

Minutes under FOI
Boards and Committees Sensitisation - 18th Nov 2008
Chief Secretary's Code of Practice on Records Management
FAQs and General Advice
Keeping Records
Sample Draft Minutes of the Forestry Commission (Scotland)
Confidentiality of Government Records and Reasons for Refusal
Presentation - Carole Excell
Implementation of the FOI Law
Presentation - Carole Excell
Managing Records - Good Government, Better Business
Presentation - Sonya Sherman
Sensitisation for Boards and Committees on the FOI Law
Presentation - Natasha Bodden
CPA Chairman Opening Remarks