Introduction to FOI for Civil Servants

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This course is intended for all public servants, including central government civil servants and employees of statutory authorities, public agencies, government-owned companies and other organisations deemed public authorities under the FOI Law. Private sector members of boards, committees, tribunals, councils and other bodies that fall under public authorities may also attend.

This course is particularly useful for front line staff that deal with the public, including but not limited to receptionists, and persons in customer service fields and public relations. 

The FOI Unit carried out sensitisation sessions for civil servants in 2008; the FOI Unit has now developed a course on FOI to replace sensitisation sessions which allows within a small class setting appropriate understanding of how FOI works with a public authority’s context to provide information to the public.

At the conclusion of the course, participants will understand the broader context in which the Freedom of Information Law has been introduced, the ideas underlying the introduction of the Law, what the Law does, the public authorities to which the Law applies, how a request can be made, and the decision-making functions of Information Managers.  

Emphasis will be placed on what every civil servant needs to know about FOI Law, including how to accept an FOI request and answering general questions about FOI and the public authority’s procedures for giving information to the public.

The materials used in this course are available below.



Introductory Exercise




Activity 1


Quick Quiz


Course and Instructor Evaluation


General Guidance


Is it an FOI Request?


Publication Schemes