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The implementation of the Freedom of Information Law in the Cayman Islands is being managed by the Freedom of Information Steering Committee and it's sub-committees.

This is a sixteen member committee which has been created by Cabinet to develop strategies to ensure effective and consistent implementation of the Freedom of Information Law within the Government.

This multi-agency steering committee includes government representatives from all Ministries and Portfolios and some key statutory agencies, a representative from the Civil Service Association of the Cayman Islands, and one government company.

The Terms of Reference include reviewing the Implementation Plan for Freedom of Information (FOI), the development of appropriate FOI Regulations, and preparing a training strategy for public sector employees. The Freedom of Information Implementation Steering Committee began meeting on June 21st 2007.

Terms of Reference
for FOI Steering Committee
CIG Implementation Plan for the FOI Law
July 2007 - January 2010
Name Department
Carole Excell, (Chair) The Freedom of Information Unit
Richard Barton Jr. (Private Sector Participant) Conyers Dill & Pearman
Tim Hubbell The Cabinet Office
Jacqueline Jefferson-Ziemniak The Portfolio of Finance & Economics
Daniell Rattan The Ministry of Health & Human Services
Janet Chisholm/ Ms. Kimberly Huggins The Ministry of Education, Training, Employment, Youth, Sports & Culture/ International Financial Services Policy
Samuel Rose The Ministry of Tourism, Environment, Investment & Commerce
Tamara Ebanks The Ministry of Communications, Works & Infrastructure
Sandra Tomlinson The Ministry of District Administration, Planning, Agriculture & Housing
Tamara Selzer The National Archives
Cornelia Oliver Government Information Services
Gilbert McLaughlin Computer Services
Jo Richards The Portfolio of the Civil Service
Wanda Tatum District Administration (rep. Sister Islands)
Christopher Eakin The Immigration Department
Paul Tibbetts Cayman Airways
Haroon Pandohie The Cayman Islands Civil Service Association
Ian Fenton Portfolio of the Civil Service

Download the minutes of FOISC

Last Updated: 2008-11-20