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On Wednesday, 17 June 2009 the Freedom of Information Unit hosted a retreat with active participation from key stakeholders in FOI. The purpose of this meeting was to determine the effectiveness of the implementation of FOI by the Cayman Islands Government and to identify future directions to ensure the law meets its objectives of accountability, transparency and public participation as a long term commitment.

Participants were drawn from a wide range of public authorities as well as the private sector, and included many who had been involved with FOISC from the very beginning. Three break-out groups discussed future direction, continued implementation and ongoing awareness of FOI, highlighting successes and areas for improvement and brainstorming ideas and ways forward.

The FOI Unit is most grateful to all who attended and will be creating an Action Plan incorporating these comments and proposals that will be published in the near future. We welcome all feedback on the progress of FOI in the Cayman Islands and invite you to share any comments and suggestions that you may have. Please see the “About Us” page for more information about the FOI Unit and how to contact us.

Last Updated: 2009-06-25