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Information Commissioner Contact

Information Commissioner
Mrs. Jennifer Dilbert, MBE, JP
Address: (Location)
2nd Floor, Elizabethan Square, Bldg. D
George Town, Grand Cayman
Mailing Address
P.O. Box 1375,
Grand CaymanKY1-1108
(345) 747-5402
(345) 949-2026
Open to the public: 9:30 4:00

The overall purpose of the Information Commissioner is

  • To provide independent oversight of the implementation of the Freedom of Information Law and subsequent regulations.
  • To serve as an independent appellate body to investigate complaints and appeals lodged under FOI legislation.
  • To promote general awareness of the FOI law and the public's rights under it.

The Information Commissioner is responsible for

  • Hearing, investigating and ruling on appeals filed under the FOI Law.
  • Monitoring and reporting on compliance by public authorities with their obligations under the FOI Law.
  • Making recommendations for reform both of a general nature and directed at specific public bodies.
  • Referring cases where it appears that a criminal offence has been committed to the appropriate authorities.
  • Publicising the requirements of the FOI Law and the rights of individuals under it.

  • Order the publishing of information, changes in practices of record-keeping and provision of training.
  • Compel witnesses or production of evidence, and/or inspect records in order to reach a decision.
  • Refer a matter to the court to find that a public authority has acted in contempt of court if his/her decision has not been followed.

  • Can make any decision that could be made on the original application.
  • Can refer matters to a disciplinary authority.
  • Can order the publishing of information, change in practices of record-keeping, provision of training and/or disciplinary authority.
  • In coming to a decision may compel witnesses or production of evidence and/or inspect records.
  • Has his/her decision subject to judicial review by the Courts.
  • May refer a matter to the Court to find that a public authority has acted in contempt of court if his/her decision has not been followed

Last Updated: 2011-10-06