FOI Policy Analyst Appointed

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FOI Policy Analyst Natasha Bodden

Published 17th March 2008, 5:0pm

Cayman's Freedom of Information (FOI) Unit has appointed a policy analyst to help meet rigorous implementation process deadlines. With the FOI Law to come into effect next January, the unit's latest staff addition Ms Natasha Bodden, has responsibility for preparing manuals, guidelines, procedures and benchmarks on FOI. She will also conduct information manager and records officer training; provide policy advice, and respond to public authority queries on interpretation of the FOI Law's administrative and procedural implementation requirements. Yet another key duty will be to strategically develop new policy proposals for future legislation relating to FOI (i.e., third party rights, whistleblower protection, and privacy and data protection). Drafted from the private sector, Ms Bodden has over ten years administrative and corporate legal experience, both in Cayman and in other overseas jurisdictions. An attorney-at-law, she holds a bachelor of law degree from England's University of Liverpool and earned her Certificate in Cayman Law with commendation from the Queen's University of Belfast. Commenting on the appointment, FOI Coordinator Carole Excell said: "FOI is a new law in the Cayman Islands and our unit literally has to create regulations and operational procedures from scratch for the entire public sector. "On top of that we have to help departments and authorities meet all implementation deadlines. In short, being a FOI policy analyst is not an easy job, and I am thankful that we could employ someone with Ms Bodden's depth and range of legal and administrative expertise." With her transition from private to public sector already well underway, Ms Bodden said, "I am thrilled to be part of ensuring that our Islands' future is positive. Much work is there to be done and I would love to be able to say I contributed to the enrichment of Cayman and its laws. "I certainly look forward to the challenges of implementing FOI successfully, and know that the changes being made will promote our growth and progress." For more on FOI in the Cayman Islands and the implementation process, log onto